This is the Story of Two families who lives in one house as a join family.Basically this Drama is Based on Dark face of Society.Where Two families Lives together but Their thoughts are different. Story is Basically On a Girl Named “MahaM” who loves his Cousin from his mother’s family.
On the Other Hand His First Cousin Parvez fallen in Love with her.He want her as his wife.Her mother is not a good women and want MahaM as her daughter in law Because of Her wealthy Status.MahaM get engaged with his cousin AftaB. But Parvez become very angry and rushes to the Magician who Performs BLACK MAGIC.He shows his Passion to learn Black Magic,And then He started Applying on MahaM.
After the wedding of MahaM, Parvez still applying this all on MahaM. In the result She became unhappy with her married life.Her married life is like a Hell where every one is unhappy with MahaM and MahaM feels the same.At the mid of the Story Parvez’s Black Magic works and MahaM Get divorce from AFTAB and Marry Parvez. and after that she became relax in her life.
But Parvez’s Black Magic Activities move to the Next person who is the Boss of Parvez.For Next Keep Watching Drama Nazar e Bad.
I like this theme of story Because this is the Real face of Our Society, and Most of Us Suffering from this Black Face.

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